About The Founder


Marisol Esperanza is an herbalist and founder of Esperanza Herbals. She grew up in Ithaca, NY and moved to Boston to study Health Sciences at Boston University. While studying Health Sciences, she realized that many conventional forms of medicine and the ingredients in today’s ‘self-care’ products do more harm than good to our bodies. So she decided to study herbalism at the nearby Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism to learn more about natural ways of bringing our bodies back into balance.


The combination of her studies in Health Sciences and Herbalism, her passion for healthy living and self-care practices, and her drive to share this information with others has culminated in the founding of Esperanza Herbals - where she is now able to share her knowledge and nourishing herbal products with you! When not working, Marisol can be found dancing salsa, enjoying long walks on sunny days, reading a book, or tending to her balcony veggie garden.

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